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Have the GUTS to check your NUTS

10/13/2015Jason Cadogan

I bet you are wondering by the title ‘what are you on about?’

‘Have the GUTS to check your NUTS’ is the awareness campaign created by the ever growing charity BaggyTrousersUK. Their main goal is to increase awareness of Testicular Cancer. A very scary and touchy subject that no man really wants to talk about.

‘BaggyTrousersUK was formed in 2014 after Jack Broadley overcame his battle with testicular cancer. Jack decided to take on this challenge to embark on a journey that would inspire him to commit his future to helping people suffering from the illness that he’d once had.’

We have built a strong relationship with the charities Founder and Chairman Jack Broadley as we were not only inspired by his story, but you can also see the fact that spreading awareness of testicular cancer, that could potentially lead to saving just one persons life, that would mean the world to him. Therefore, we have stepped in to try and help him along the way!

But what has that got to do with a Builders Merchants?

As a company we have decided we are going to support this charity as it is very close to our hearts, due to our customer base predominantly being male and vulnerable to Testicular Cancer.

What are we doing to help?

We are asking for a 50p donation on every sale of a Tonne Bag, all donations go directly to the Charity. is printed on every tonne bag we sell to try and direct traffic over to their website where people can see how to self examine for Testicular Cancer. It’s not only the builders that see the bags as they will be on street corners all over Greater Manchester!

For more information on Testicular Cancer go to:

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